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At the same time, my work as a photographer started to pick up, and the disparity between our professional lives created tension and jealousy.

He gained 20 pounds; I lost 10 after I started taking more Pilates just to get out of our apartment and away from his sullen moods.

We are a diverse group, including men of various ages and types, identifying as gay, bi and straight, who respect each others right to privacy & anonymity, so what happens at ACJ events stays within ACJ events.

We all connect around the primal practice of jacking off and a desire to do it together.

The second rule of Fight Club is: you DO NOT talk about Fight Club! But it wasn't long before the disorders, in all of their different forms, became about control and exerting my declaration of independence. In the context of disorder and self-destructive tendencies, the whispers go more like this instead… ** Are you having less sex with your spouse or stopped having sex with your spouse because you are looking at pornography?

To me, it calls to mind recovery from addiction as it relates to silence and the voice.

It can be found in the ‘Other Sites’ section of the SITES page.

NEXT EVENT: Thursday Aug 17th, -pm (doors close @ ) *ANGEL CITY JACKS Organizing real JO for Adult Men in the LA area.

*JO ONLY Jacking off with other guys is hot, erotic, intimate, friendly and one of the safest practices beyond jacking off alone. No oral or intercourse may be solicited or offered in this group, just hot masturbation. *YOUR CONNECTION TO ANGEL CITY JACKS We're a group created for guys living in the LA area who enjoy masturbation with other men.

...never good enough..." And then, if we're plagued with disordered eating and body image issues, it gets amplified even further.

In short, disordered eating/image became my voice screaming against the silenced abuse, inequity and toxic environment I endured. ** Are unhealthy emotions overtaking your thoughts and controlling the outcome of your actions?

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