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"I'm just trying to help Kim out." Phaedra clearly agreed, arguing, "The only way to stop a bully is if you punch them square in the face," and drawing a metaphor between Kenya and a rattlesnake that needed its head chopped off. Kim Confronts Kenya The whole group, which included Porsha Williams and her date Oliver, Cynthia Bailey and her husband Peter Thomas, Sheree and her ex-husband Bob Whitfield — who was actively trying to win Sheree back — Kenya and her boyfriend Matt, Kim, Phaedra and Ne Ne, headed for a hike up Dunn's River Falls.

(Well, everyone hiked up the river except Ne Ne, who sort of cheered from the sidelines.) For the most part, the rest of the crew went up the river together, but Kenya and Matt scurried on ahead.

Apparently, he was so obnoxious he had to later apologize to all the women.” Kenya explained that the bus incident is part of why the discussion came up in the first place, “Collectively, we all saw signs of his dual personality which prompted the discussion about him at all and hence the prevalent gay rumors predating the show. Blogs make millions of dollars off hearsay; TMZ, Perez Hilton, Media Take Out, Radar, etc.

So, it's been a long time that I've been me and I've had people speculate all kinds of things about me. Morgan said that what did bother him was that Moore used her platform to spread such a lie. Though Morgan seems to have accepted her apology, he's not so keen on building a friendship with the former Miss USA. The people that are watching the show will have to see," Morgan said. The bottom line with that is, I'll be completely honest, if the shoe was on the other foot and somebody spread a rumor like that about my spouse, they don't really get back on the Christmas list for a couple years." In the grand scheme of things, Morgan said that Moore should have thought about the repercussions of her words, particularly suggesting that being gay is something wrong.Field's husband, Christopher Morgan, also has some skills of his own. She has acted for many years — she's particularly well-known for her role as Tootie on — and her husband is just as successful.Morgan has a wide variety of roles, having appeared in movies, on stage, and is an excellent dad and husband.With friends like these — you must be one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.The Sunday, February 21, episode picked up exactly where last week's had left off, with Sheree Whitfield telling Kim Fields that other women in the group had called her husband, Chris Morgan, "fruity or gay." To her credit, Kim took the news in stride and didn't lose her cool.

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