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Isn't it time you stopped making your partner or your current circumstances responsible for your happiness and sexual pleasure?The truth is, most of us unwittingly sabotage our pleasure by focusing on what we don't have or want more of.Complete this sentence: "I turn myself off sexually when I think about ______." There's no better time than now to take control of your sex and your life, and here are 4 steps to show you how: 1. When you're ready to drop the bad habit of turning yourself off by thinking about everything your partner does or doesn't do for you in the bedroom, you can take charge of turning yourself on!

Not a feeling that comes and goes at the whim of the emotions.Although it might be hard to deal with, there are ways to improve her libido. Kegel muscles wrap around the vagina and anus, and working them helps strengthen the entire pelvic floor, notes assistant clinical professor of ob/gyn and psychiatry Dr. Berman also states, "Strong Kegels can heighten your arousal during sex, enhance your orgasms, improve blood circulation to the genitals, and increase vaginal tone and lubrication." To do these exercise, your wife must act as if she is stopping her urine in mid-stream.Have her hold this contraction for five seconds, release and then repeat 10 times. Exercise offers a number of benefits to your wife when she is trying to increase her sex drive, notes Alice from Columbia University's internet health resource "Go Ask Alice!Since the launch of the first reveal promo, Bigg Boss Telugu has already created a huge buzz in the Telugu states.The reveal promo has reached more than 55 million viewers i.e.

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