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Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab, chief executive officer of Cyber Security Malaysia, said the agency has issued an official alert to all Internet users in Malaysia."We have been observing an increase number of cyber blackmail scam incidents, which involves blackmailing and extorting victims for money in this first quarter of 2015," said Dr Amirudin.

The scam uses social networking sites like Facebook, Tagged and online video chats such as Skype to carry out their activities." The scam has also targeted victims around the world, added Dr Amirudin, and that Malaysian Internet users are advised to exercise caution when befriending people online.

While in conversation online, perpetrators will record unpleasant videos of the victim without the victim’s knowledge, and use it to extort the victim further by threatening to make it public at You Tube, social networking sites, or directly to the victim’s family or friends.

“We had been observing an increase number of cyber blackmail scam incidents which involve blackmailing and extorting victims for money in this first quarter of 2015,” said CSM chief executive officer Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab.

Such scams begin with perpetrators connecting to potential victims through social media platforms, mainly Facebook and Tagged, portraying themselves as beautiful, sexy women purportedly from the Philippines, Japan or South Korea.

These scam artistes will then ask the victim to video chat with using Skype, but actually use pre-recorded webcam videos to fake their real identity, to look like they are genuinely engaged in conversation online with victim, CSM said in a statement.

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