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They were intimately connected with the white settlers, and for more than one hundred years lived on their own lands, bartered the products of their hunting and fishing with the white people for guns, blankets, etc., sold to them their lands, and, except for their fondness for rum, seem to have been a peaceful and well disposed people, more sinned against than sinning.

For in 1752 the General Assembly of Virginia passed an act declaring "that if any person or persons shall hereafter, under any pretense whatever, take from the Indians any of their guns, blankets or other apparel, such persons so offending shall pay to the Indian or Indians so injured the sum of twenty shillings for every such offense; and if the offender be a slave, he shall receive, for such offense, on his or her naked back, twenty-five lashes, well laid on." But generally the Indians were treated with the greatest kindness until the time of the great Indian massacre, in 1622, for the colonists were thoroughly imbued with idea of converting them to Christianity.

And in the spring of 1611, after that terrible winter, in which five hundred of the colonists died of starvation and disease, that sad-hearted remnant of sixty emaciated, half-famished men, who had determined to abandon the colony, also spent their first night with this same tribe.

This tribe of Indians occupied a village near what is now known as Fergusson's Wharf, in this county, and their hunting grounds extended along the James River about five miles and inland about twenty, and had a fighting strength of forty of fifty warriors.

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HISTORY OF ISLE OF WIGHT COUNTY 1608-1907 (From ) "A Brief History of Isle of Wight County, Virginia" by COL E. Morrison Compiled for Distribution at the Jamestown Tercentenary Exposition.

that reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

[-----], hospital, 2nd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, in Louisa County, Virginia, to his wife, possibly in North Carolina, regarding his work in the 2nd Corps hospital in Louisa County, noting one patient with smallpox, and commenting that the overall number of sick in the hospital is down. He also discusses the removal of secessionists from Alexandria; Baltimore, Maryland; and Washington, D.

Letter, 8 July 1863, from Charlie [-----], a Union soldier at Fort Scott, near Alexandria, Virginia, to Emma in Litchfield, Connecticut, discussing the celebration in camp during the 4th of July and for recent victories such as the capture of Vicksburg and Battle of Gettysburg.

Additionally, those same institutions are required to include a statement of policy regarding prevention programs, educational/awareness programs , investigation procedures, administrative disciplinary action and appeal procedures, possible sanctions, victim/survivor procedures, and procedures for notification.

Sexual Assault Educational programming consists of primary prevention and awareness programs for all incoming students and new employees and ongoing awareness and prevention campaigns for students and employees that identify domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking as prohibited conduct and defines categorizing behavior; defines sexual misconduct, coercion, and consent while incorporating the definition of consent as defined by both the State of Virginia and the VSU Student Code of Conduct; discusses the role of alcohol and drugs in sexual assault; informs the campus community of the rights of the victim and the accused; and educates in bystander intervention and risk reduction.

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