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The first International Women’s Earth and Climate Initiative Summit is designed to address two connected issues: the disproportionate way in which women are impacted by climate change and how, despite that fact, women are often left out of the decision-making process surrounding climate change policy.

Summit participants – including well known leaders like Jane Goodall, Vandana Shiva, Christiana Figueres, Sylvia Earle, and’s May Boeve – hope to highlight the unique contributions women can make to solving the climate crisis. As of 2010, an estimated 26 million people had been displaced by climate change, 20 million of them women.

This report by the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic and NRDC is a detailed legal analysis of the history, definition, and current regulations for food date labels in the U. It examines the historical impetus for placing dates on food, relevant federal laws and authorities, and includes a comparison of state laws related to food date labeling.[1,2] This is not only wasteful for our wallets and in terms of the labor it takes to grow, harvest and distribute our food, it also has substantial implications for our energy, water fertilizer and pesticide consumption.Up to 10 percent of total energy and 80 percent of freshwater are used in U. food production, with obvious implications for climate change and water resource management.For the past five years, an average of only 19 percent of UNFCCC delegation heads have been women.This trend also extends to other government bodies and non-profit organizations working on climate policy.

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