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This function verifies that a string is a valid time, in the form hh:mm:ss am/pm, where seconds are optional.

It accepts military time (hour between 0 and 23) as long as am/pm isn't specified.

Can you update your post to help describe what you mean by "validate date"?

Are you, for example, reading a random string and want to test if it meets a certain date pattern? For most date logic: if you can read/input stuff into the "Date" metadata format, then you can use a lot of existing Steps to perform various logic on it.

expanding Date Functions) * right click each function and select 'Sample' * PDI will open a hidden script sample that shows some example code Screenshot of this stuff in Java Script Step: 2016-07-25_13-21-06Some more follow-up questions: * What is the data type of your input?

Is it a string/text column you wish to validate matches that pattern? Do you wish to make it a string/text for output, do you wish to make it a Date format?

Direct call: A number representing the milliseconds elapsed since January 1, 1970, UTC and the date obtained by parsing the given string representation of a date.

If the argument doesn't represent a valid date, (4 hours, 30 minutes east of the Greenwich meridian). The local time zone is used to interpret arguments in RFC2822 Section 3.3 format that do not contain time zone information.

There are still many differences in how different hosts parse date strings, therefore date strings should be manually parsed (a library can help if many different formats are to be accommodated).

Thus you’ll have to verify the month, year and day of a Date separately to detect an invalid date.

The Java Script Source: Forms: Validate Date Simply click inside the window below, use your cursor to highlight the script, and copy (type Control-c or Apple-c) the script into a new file in your text editor (such as Note Pad or Simple Text) and save (Control-s or Command-s).

This means that two date strings that appear equivalent may result in two different values depending on the format of the string that is being converted.

The ECMAScript specification states: If the String does not conform to the standard format the function may fall back to any implementation–specific heuristics or implementation–specific parsing algorithm.

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For instance, “2015-02-30” is not a valid date but the Date instance would still be created.

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