Intimidating airsoft masks

( * \ Y / * )I have a mask already and it's all hard plastic and has plexiglass glass around eyes....

the one I bought from you is more rubbery in a sense and doesn't cover my whole face/head.... I got it for paintball and I havent used it yet but the eyes are a metal mesh and I fear that the mask will break with a direct hit.

A pair of shades under the mask works great in keeping those same chemicals from getting in my eyes as well. I bought the black one and plan on buying more so I can do some custom paint jobs on them.

I use my mask to keep bchemicals from getting on my face while at work. It fit perfectly, has adequate padding on the inside so it doesn't smother your face and seeing through the mesh over the eyes is quite clear.

The only real issue is that you may have some trouble getting your eyewear to fit over the mask.

While most pairs of goggles should fit fine with a little bit of effort applied the mask comes quite far up and over your nose which makes using ballistic glasses almost impossible even if you have a strap.

While a hit on the torso or limbs is just going to leave a welt, there’s a lot of stuff vital to your senses, and your looks, above your shoulders and it’s a good idea to protect it.This mask is the most intimidating mask available and the highest quality mask used by airsoft players all over the world. Those who fancy airsoft masks that are molded like the contours of the human face, more are coming out courtesy of Cactus Hobby... New design provides maximum airflow even if breathing heavily Comes with an elastic strap."Custom made masks are currently in mass production as we speak. Intimidating Army Of Two Airsoft Mask Made Out Of Hard Polymer. It is made out of a hard polymer which makes it very durable. It has foam cushion pads all along the interior sides, top, and eyes.The 5 point spyder strap design adds to the comfort and also allows the mask to fit firmly on your head.

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