Everquest launcher stuck at updating

My D3 launcher was stuck on something, I cant remember. I had the same problem and i did that:1)Close the battlenet Desktop app 2) Open the task manager 3) find the Agent32exe (Battlenet Update Agent) and terminate it (it shouldn't appear after you close the app)4) Re-open the Battlenet desctop app.

I then paused and unpaused then it said it was waiting on another update eventho all the other games (Wo W, SC2, HS) are not updating. It worked for me, I hope it will work for you too Edit: Nvm Just saw you did the same thing I ended up deleted entire folder at C:\Program Data\Then I reinstall client Problem solved. My friend told me the folder supposed to be less than 15MB when you first install see stall for me when trying to install direct onto an external drive ('waiting for an update to complete...').

Hey guys, I recently downloaded the patch and it finished the downloading to 100% and then went to verifying but it got stuck at verifying for a long time now. The other option (which is what I do now) is to open your maplestory folder, and click gamelauncher, the old launcher.

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Like, the verifying is complete full bar but it is just stuck there, nothing happening. This got me in game immediately even though the new launcher insisted on updating.

i was accepted for the most recent beta session of the elder scrolls online, so when i downloaded the launcher i waited it to update everything, but ive had it up for hours and its stuck on updating launcher completely and it wont download at all, ive uninstalled it fully and put it back on but it didnt change...

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