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Phrases like “new leash on life” and “don’t make me beg” might be taken the wrong way if you haven’t perfected a non-jerk face tone of voice. If you see the same (hopefully) single dog walker at the dog park every day, feel free to use this classic line: “You come here often? She will be on site from 10-4 Saturday and Sunday to answer any and all of your questions.Women wear flats on coffee dates and almost everywhere else (because cobblestone streets are hell on stilettos).Unlike women in other major metropolitan areas, Boston chicks are typically more concerned with comfort and warmth than with fashion, so there better be a damn good reason to get dolled up. If it’s chilly, bring a thermos of hot chocolate to the dog park and be ready to share.

Shouldn't our devoted four-legged friends have an opportunity to find love online?

Here are 10 pickup lines should you encounter a cute stranger with a pooch of their own (please make no references, funny or not, to butt-sniffing.): 1. Be willing to make a fool of yourself, and your sheepish charm will trump the failed line: “Is that your dog’s tail wagging or are you just happy to see me? I see he takes after his owner.” This will go over better than, “You look just like your pug.” 4.

If your crush’s dog is playing with yours, check out the strange dog’s collar, then say (in hearing distance from his owner): “Lookin’ good, Rover. If your dog is humping a cute stranger’s dog, introduce yourself and quickly bring up the matchmaking skills of Pongo and Perdita in ‘101 Dalmatians’. Conversation will flow easily if you’re talking about the one thing you know you already have in common: dogs.

and has worked at several hospitals in the Los Angeles area, quite an impressive bio for another pet to consider friending or mating with.

We buy high-end purses such as the JCLA Boutique's Rescue Me Totes for our dogs to reside in while driving around town.

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Five weeks is all that stands between you and dropping your dog's leash!

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