Dating vintage helbros watches

Buyers are also allowed to arrange their own shipping.Manor Auctions reserves the right to designate your shipment in-house or 3rd party.The Style Number Dating Table has been extended back as far as it will go, which seems to be 1925.Last year this table was incorporated into the Online Style Number Tool and the Windows software version 4.0, but the table itself wasn't published.Heuer did not make many fly-backs, and this one was built especially for pilots.

Please allow up to 7 business days after receipt of shipping payment for your purchases to ship.Welcome, It would seem as though you have bought these watches with the idea that you will be re-selling them.Your chances of selling two non-running watches in this condition at a profit, are about zero! Unfortunately, I cannot find anything on either of them online, not even a year. I have experience in other vintage item collecting, but have no idea about watches and when I was at the vintage thrift store today, these two watches caught my eye.

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Date your Gruen using Style Numbers, described in the article below.

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