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This is not just an American issue but I live here so I will talk about what I know. They talk about how the distilling of alcohol didn’t really happen until centuries later. Therefore, the argument that the wine that Jesus made was almost non-alcoholic seems farfetched to me and to most Bible scholars. It is hard to believe that most pastors now advocate drinking in moderation compared to how I grew up.I am going to make some preliminary remarks and then do my best to back them up with the Scriptures and reason. I don’t think Jesus made wine to have a party or to even enjoy it. Abstinence was just about THE litmus test for sanctification! - She Seeks - Week of October 17 I think the reasoning behind it is simple: if you don’t drink you won’t ever have to worry about abusing alcohol. However, there has been a grace revolution in our thinking over the last 20 years.Here’s a short list of what I’ve accomplished since I stopped drinking two years ago: A lot of this is what I externally accomplished, what I can show on paper. I’ve learned a lot in two years, so I thought I’d share that with you, in case you’d like to take a break from the booze cruise. But overall, life seems to be a shitload better for me because I took a break. Almost everything does: Comedy shows, concerts, after-work functions, meetups, dates, conferences, dinner, museum tours. The events don’t change if you decide not to drink! Maybe you’re a little less “inhibited,” but is that altogether terrible?Also, that’s what I tell myself: I’ve taken a break. I’ve found that when I hang out with folks who have been drinking, I start to feel the same way I was — in terms of becoming silly, goofy, fun — when I was around people while drinking.I’d much rather do a drinks/activity combo.” “Great wine, food, and conversation at a restaurant selected by my date. If things are going really well, karaoke.” “Probably drinks and dinner if it goes well.Maybe that’s why I’m single.” Of the 750 responses that rolled in, 380 mentioned that their ideal first date included some form of drinking.Binge drinking is a kind of alcoholism marked by heavy, episodic drinking followed by a period of non-dependence on or relatively low consumption of alcohol.

They’ve since moved, but after that show, I thought I should take a breather from drinking — and eating meat — and focus on productivity. As someone who’s been drinking since his senior year of high school (sorry mom, we weren’t just “hanging out” in the basement), most events in my life revolved around booze.That is much more than binge drinking - that is in fact, “going on a bender”.It takes only a six-pack or just a bottle of wine to finish at one go in order to qualify for binge drinking.The party line was almost “We are godly because we don’t drink! I think this paradigm is for the better but it opens up the can of debate that can lead to disunity.Sometimes debate is worth the possibility of disunity. 1 Cor “Everything is permissible”—but not everything is beneficial.

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