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The condictio is best viewed in the light of the rei vindicatio.

[1] The rei vindicatio was a claim in the law of property.

The name of an action in the civil law, by which the plaintiff recovers the amount of a sum of money or other thing be paid by mistake.

However, as soon as the owner transferred the ownership to the possessor ( dare, datio ), the rei vindicatio was no longer available: being a claim in the law of property, the rei vindicatio presupposed that the pursuer was the owner of the thing claimed.Readers are permitted to make copies, electronically or printed, for personal and classroom use.Since at least the seventeenth century, the Scottish and Dutch legal systems have enjoyed a productive two-way legal traffic in both persons and ideas.One possible explanation for this, as demonstrated at the hearing, might in fact be that, under Hungarian law, such types of action are clearly civil matters.Moreover for the sake of completeness, I shall also explain why claims in restitution differ radically from claims in tort, delict or quasi-delict.

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Scotland's most famous legal son, Viscount Lord Stair, who hailed from Ayrshire in the Scottish Lowlands, spent his time in exile from 1682 to 1688 in Leiden, where he matriculated at the University.

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