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Notes: The image shows the Northeastern boundary of South Nandi Forest Reserve, in the Rift Valley in Kenya.The top image is from the Directorate of Overseas Surveys archive, hand orthorectified using ground control points, and dating from 1948.

Paradise Hills This family-owned winery features a spa and cabin rentals in addition to their unique take on wine, balancing the region's impact on the grapes with our personal vision of the finest wines. Hightower Creek Started in Hiawassee in 1995, this family-operated winery mixes old-world vinifera such as Cabernet Franc, Pinot Gris and Merlot, with native American and French American hybrids such as Norton, Traminette and Vignoles.

Bottom image source is contemporary ESRI World Imagery (2016).

The principals of Songy Highroads have managed office buildings, office flex, retail, commercial and hotel assets in the Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas and Washington, DC markets.

The Foundation was formed in 2006 and is advised by a Board of Governors appointed by the Kirkpatrick Family Fund.

It is the desire of the Board that the work of the Historic Green Mountain Falls Foundation will inspire others to participate in efforts to preserve and enhance Green Mountain Falls and the surrounding area.

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Crane Creek This Young Harris winery is known for its broad spectrum of grapes from European varieties and French American hybrids to native American varieties, culminating in wine that is an expression of our unique area.

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  1. Granddaddy Mimms Moonshine Distillery A local distillery with deep roots in the area dating back to the 1930's, Granddaddy Mimms produces whiskey with deep and rich flavors using the same recipe and the same simple ingredients - with all of the taste and tradition enjoyed by common folk, celebrities and high-powered politicians 80 years ago.